The Concept of the Classic Art- Nude & Bodyscape

In this workshop, participants will start with a concept or theme that will open up their creativity and approaches to capturing the nude.

The human form is your creative canvas; we will provide you a unique opportunity to create stunning images. Together we will turn the nude human form into works of art!

  • Where to find inspiration
  • How to maintain contact with a model in an easy way
  • How to see and express volume in photography
  • How to process photos in a fast and beautiful way
  • Photography perception (light, geometry), composition
  • Perspective and volume in photography
  • Define your style

Using live models, we will show you step-by-step how to build an amazing high-end experience for your clients — from the first contact to the final portfolio.

This workshop is delivered in two parts:

1.- We will understand the concept of nude & techniques, lights setups, posing options, guiding model and post-production options.

2. – Practice and more practice. This is your chance to start building your portfolio by taking photos of a professional and beautiful model.


What do you need for the workshop?

Any camera capable to work in “Manual Mode” and hot shoe (this is desirable but not absolutely necessary)

This course can be booked as a 1 to 1 tutored class or in small groups.


6 Hours


1 to 1 tutoring: £ 180. – (plus 50% if you want to bring a guest with you)

Groups up to 4 participants: £ 82.- each. (Early Bookings: £ 75.-) – A minimum of 3 participants will be required to confirm the workshop.


This Workshop can be delivered using a live model or not.

You can bring your own model or we can provide one but her charge will be added too (Our experience showed that, unless model direction is required, a mannequin will do the job as the most important thing is to learn how to manage the lights and cameras – you can save on hiring the model – talk to us about it).

Free Car Park available


Beginners / no technical knowledge required but knowing how to use the basics of your camera is advisable

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