Studio Days at The Photo Corner in Blaenavon

Take your photography to the next level

Studio Model Days are a set day when a model or models are in a studio and photographers can be booked them for a photoshoot using the studio equipment for a period of time usually at least one hour. This is obviously a convenient way for a photographer to build up a portfolio or practice their skills in a studio setting.

Olivia Studio Day at The Post Office Art Centre

Want a chance to shoot with professional models in a professional studio?

Studio days give just that opportunity. Professional model(s) will be available to shoot in hourly slots (two hours is recommended, however) at great rates and with the majority of the organisation taken care of. Bring your camera and let your creativity flow in a relaxed and comfortable working environment.

On the day, you’ll have access to our lights and modifiers (though feel free to bring your own if you are comfortable with your setup), as well as all the studio’s facilities.

Upcoming Studio Days

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