Practical introduction to sublimation printing

Practical introduction to sublimation printing

Buying heat presses is one thing, but knowing how to use them with other required accessories such as cutter, laser printers, sublimation printers, transfer papers, software etc is another thing.

Unless you fully understand all these other systems and how they work together or individually to produce high quality work, you may end up frustrated or producing low quality work which will end up costing you more due to rejections by your customers.

  • Hands-on practical training;
  • Free handouts & guides;
  • All sublimation blanks & materials included;
  • Secret tips and tricks you won’t easily find elsewhere

Are you new to dye sublimation?

Are you sitting there scratching your head as image after image comes out wrong?

Or have you been sublimating a while but suspect there may be a better way to do things?

If so, then this is the training course for you.

From the basic design of your image, through printing and pressing onto different substrates, to marketing and selling with plenty of hints and tips on the way, we can guide you toward making a success of your dye sublimation business.

The courses are bespoke, so I only teach to one person at one time – that way I can make sure the course is totally tailored to meet your needs.

Learn to design, print & press: mugs, metal, glass, ceramics, fabrics, t-shirts, mouse-mats, canvas, plastic, card, acrylic and wooden items.

The course also includes a printed training manual to work from and refer to after the course.

The session can be tailored to your particular requirements, so you can focus on any aspect of the business you need to, or as you work through the course you can ask for more information as you need it.

Full Day (10am until 4pm) Mondays to Fridays £200.-

Weekends + 30%  (9am until 3pm) £ 260.-


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