Getting the most from your models (How to Direct Models)

If you like to take photos of models it is not only the composition and the light that you should take care off.

If your subject does not look right, the shoot will not be “The one”.

Posing is a skill that every photographer looks at in a model but it is a skill that photographers need to learn too.

Knowing how to direct your model will open the opportunities to finding a model for you as anyone can be “The star”, not only professional models IF YOU KNOW HOW TO GUIDE HER.

This workshop will help you to understand:

  • How the camera sees.
  • Directing techniques for face and body.
  • Adjusting the pose and angles.
  • Creating Mood & Drama.
  • Movement.
  • Posing Curves.
  • Showcase the strength & cover the weaknesses.
  • And more…

During the Workshops the participants will have the opportunity to practice by directing the model/s themselves.


Equipment required: Any camera that you know how to use will work. The workshop is about directing models, not about photo techniques. We can work with both, strobes and continuous lights.


6 Hours


1 to 1 tutoring: £ 180.- (plus 50% if you want to bring a guest with you)

Important (1to1 only):

You can bring your own model or we can provide one but her charge will be added too.

Groups up to 6 participants: £ 120.- each. (Early Bookings: £ 100.-) – A minimum of 3 participants will be required to confirm the workshop.

Free Car Park available


Beginners/Intermediate: Note: no technical knowledge of photography is required but it is advisable to know how to use your own camera so we can focus on the subject of the course itself.

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