Backlights & Blasters

The combination between Backlighting and the Light Blaster will take you images to a new dimension. Directly from the camera.

Learn how to use a light blaster:

The Light Blaster is a strobe-based image projector. It brings you unlimited possibilities for creative freedom, letting you select and project still images onto any physical space. In an instant, the flash of your strobe can transform an ordinary wall into textures, patterns and more using slides.

This workshop not only will teach you how to use the Light Blaster but also how to build your own from simple materials and very low cost.

Learn how to control backlighting.


  • Learn how to use lights/strobes or natural light to create stunning portraits.
  • Shape the body from the front – Create dramatic effects directly from the camera.

What do you need for the workshop?

Any camera capable to work in “Manual Mode” and hot shoe (this is desirable but not absolutely necessary as the “Blaster” I will show you how to build can be use with continuous lights too)

This course can be booked on 1 to 1 tutored class or on small groups.
Duration: 3 Hours


1 to 1 tutoring: £ 100.- (if you want,  bring a guest with you, he/she will pay only 50%)

Important (1to1 only):

This Workshop can be delivered using a live model or not.

You can bring your own model or we can provide one but her charge will be added too (Our experience showed that, unless model direction is required, a mannequin will do the job as the most important thing is to learn how to manage the lights and cameras – you can save on hiring the model – talk to us about it).

Groups up to 4 participants: £ 45.- each. (Early Bookings: £ 40.-) – A minimum of 3 participants will be required to confirm the workshop.

Free Car Park available


Beginners / no technical knowledge required but knowing how to use the basics of your camera is advisable

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